Bulk-less Protection? Utomic Edge Review for the iPhone X/iPhone 8 – Drop Tests Included!

It’s been over three years since our last Utomic Edge Review. Some of you may remember these as Bumpies. If you do remember the Bumpies, you’ll probably remember my iPhone’s screen biting the dust BUT the Utomic Edges have come a long way!

With Utomic, they’ve added a plethora of different accessories to go with their minimalist set of corner bumpers. These accessories included glass protectors for the front and back, normal carbon fibre covers, a wallet cover and ring cover.

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From my perspective, the Utomic Edge is not going to be a full on case replacement. It’s going to be great for people who need just a smidge of extra protection for their device and don’t want to deal with a case. You’ll have more luck with the iPhone 8’s than the iPhone X with this product.

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When it comes to design, the Utomic Edge’s are basically tiny bits of plastic with adhesives on the inside of them. Installation of the product is incredibly simple as Utomic includes a sleeve to help you align the bumpers right so you don’t have to eyeball them.

The old Bumpies where quite symmetrical but the updated Utomic Edges have a different shape depending on the front and back of the device. For the iPhone X, the portion of the Edges on the back extend a little further than the front which is done to accommodate the protruding camera. Both sides of the product ensure that your iPhone doesn’t sit on a flat surface.

So how well does your iPhone work with the Utomic Edges? Well, your iPhone actually handles a bit better when compared to a naked iPhone because the nubs give your hands and fingers something extra to hold onto. The clearance of the Utomic Edge also ensures that your iPhone isn’t hard to pick up.

Utomic has a plethora of accessories to go with the Edge. On the iPhone in the video, I had a Utomic screen and back protector and both fit extremely well with the Edge. In fact, installation of both products was exceptionally easy once the Edge’s were installed.

One of the standout features for Utomic is their $150 dollar deductible when it comes to breaking your iPhone’s screen. If you buy one of there products, register it and accidentally break your screen, Utomic will cover the break. Utomic is one of the few companies that offers that type of warranty. Especially when you consider that the price of the products are quite competitive.

Onto the covers. Utomic sent me three different covers and out of the three, the one that got used the most was the one with the finger loop. Why? Because it makes taking pictures and videos with my infant much easier.

Now, if I didn’t have to deal with a infant that constantly tires to lunge out of my hand, I’d probably go with the normal carbon fibre snap case. The carbon fibre Snap case addresses my biggest issue with the Utomic Edge and it has nothing to do with the actual Edge, it’s the fact that the Apple’s newest iPhone’s are also their worst handling ones in my opinion. At least the aluminum bodies of the previous generations offered a bit of texture for my hands whereas the glass backs of 8’s and X’s handle like a wet bar of soup. The carbon fibre snap back nullifies the slickness of the iPhone.

Onto the wallet snap cover which has enough capacity to hold one card. Or two business cards. I personally don’t find iPhone wallet accessories terribly useful BUT this add-on might be useful for transit users or people who use RFID access cards at work.

When it comes to protection, Utomic doesn’t offer a standard drop height anymore. When I was first introduced to the Bumpies, I was told they offered 6ft + drop protection and well, it sort of didn’t. With the Utomic Edges, there isnt a set height that you can drop them from anymore but I’d say they’d protect the corners of your iPhone’s easily from chest height.

Is this product a replacement for a tough case? I don’t think so. Will it provide peace of mind for somebody who doesn’t like using bulky cases? Absolutely!

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