Apple iPhone X Review

Review of the Apple iPhone X, the latest, greatest, most expensive iPhone fro Apple. It’s available from:

Apple released the iPhone X and soon after loads of phones have a notch, it shows you just how powerful the brand is. Personally I’m not bothered by the notch, although worth noting it is wider than the notch on the OnePlus 6.

If you’re an Apple fan you’ll love the iPhone X, it feels great in the hand, has a fantastic camera setup and a brilliantly clear screen.

You’ve probably seen the adverts for Animoji’s and for the black and white portrait modes, these work well once you have a play around and get the hang of them.

The high price tag means the iPhone X isn’t brilliant value for money, but it does represent the current pinnacle of Apple technology and if you want the very best Apple have to offer this is the phone for you.

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